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Whether as operator, an enterprise customer, a global financial institution, a content or healthcare provider, if your business performance depends on your network performance, HFN delivers purpose-built networks to meet your needs, enhance your services management and drive value across your business.

Purpose Built Networks

Our purpose built solutions are fast becoming popular with savvy business owners who see the importance of a robust network that meets their specific needs.

Low Latency Networks

Our low latency network solution provides unrivaled high-performance connectivity for any enterprise or high-frequency trading firm.

Private Lines

Seamlessly link international locations into a cloud topology with multiple carrier endpoints.

Direct Internet Access

When you have a personal Direct Internet Access instead, your network will be available 24 hours a day, with no traffic during peak times.

Internet IP Services

HFN’s intelligent network flies across state lines, delivering premium quality connectivity.


HFN delivers carrier-class wireless networks to compliment highly reliable fiber networks.

Management Services

HFN offers a comprehensive range of value-added network and management services.


  • Financial

    Reducing latency is the business edge that high frequency trading companies need to compete and prosper. Just a fraction of a second gives you the competitive advantage that can be the difference between winning and losing. LEARN MORE

  • Healthcare

    Instant access to critical information, transfer of massive imaging files, realtime networked resources, all meeting complex and evolving regulatory compliance requirements depend on your network performance. LEARN MORE

  • Education

    Education organizations reputation is driven by the ability to seamlessly scale technology requirements — and costs — dynamically in relation to their faculty and students’ demand. LEARN MORE

  • Media & Entertainment

    HFN provides best-in-class high capacity services that maximize uptime, quality and security in media workflow required by New York’s leading media and entertainment companies. LEARN MORE

  • Tech & Telecom

    HFN designs and delivers network solutions for regional, national or global service providers. Our assets, infrastructure and market intelligence enable you to deliver the best performance and connectivity portfolio seamlessly. LEARN MORE

  • Government

    HFN has the assets and intelligence to help federal, state and local government organizations leverage best-in-class network solutions to support a wide range of their requirements. LEARN MORE


HFN has the intelligence, agility and assets to resolve the most complex network and infrastructure challenges businesses face locally and globally. Keep track of how we do it.

Global footprint from New Jersey to Japan.

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Private Fiber Network. Purpose-built. Higher Performance.

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Dedicated Internet Access. Seamless. Dedicated. Adaptable.

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Low Latency. Fastest Paths. Optimum Diversity.

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Hudson Fiber Network has worked with many businesses and building owners helping them optimize their data and communications networks. Here are a few case studies from our files.

Deploying a competitive edge for financial exchange.

Transforming healthcare system with private network.

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