HFN has the intelligence, agility and assets to resolve the most complex network and infrastructure challenges businesses face locally and globally. Keep track of how we do it.

Enabling exceptional datacenter connectivity.

As customers  transmit increasing amounts of data every year, datacenters must keep pace with the accelerating need for bandwidth. At the same time, datacenters need to provide greater interconnectedness between their distributed facilities within geographic regions, to provide customers with a unified regional offering.

This case study examines a leading global datacenter provider with operations in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area to illustrate the role a purpose-built fiber network can play in helping datacenters meet these challenges–allowing datacenters, in turn, to provide their customers a higher level of service.

Deploying a competitive edge for financial exchange.

The financial industry has an unceasing appetite for performance. But, network latency advantages are just the beginning when it comes to building a competitive edge.

Financials must now integrate their entire network strategy to address every aspect from route latency to diverse coverage, backup and bandwidth availability to meet the exploding requirements of high-performance computing.

This case study asks: how did one of the largest financial exchanges in the world turn the need for new infrastructure into an opportunity to exceed all prior performance metrics?

Transforming healthcare system with private network.

The healthcare industry is at the crossroads of two massive developments: widespread governmental reform and an unprecedented opportunity to leverage cutting edge technology. In the wake of these converging forces, many organizations face a major struggle to realize promised technology benefits.

As they sift through an oversaturated landscape, what differentiates those who succeed in delivering the most powerful networks and communications?

This case study sheds light on key success drivers by investigating the challenges and triumphs experienced by one of the largest nonprofit health care systems in New Jersey.

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