Understanding and Selecting the Right Network for Your Business

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In a fast-paced digital world, businesses are increasingly relying on cloud-based and web-based servers to remain competitive. But everyone knows at certain times of the day, best-effort internet connections become congested and slow. When you have a personal Direct Internet Access instead, your network will be available 24 hours a day, with no traffic during peak times. At Hudson Fiber Network, our DIA solutions perform consistently, day in and day out.

HFN’s Direct Internet Access (DIA) gives you business-grade, high-speed bandwidth, and internet connectivity. Designed specifically to meet your needs, you can choose from multiple types of access, robust Service Level Agreements (SLA), bandwidth capacity choices, and web-based monitoring options.

Your own private lane

Having dedicated internet access is like having your own private lane on the highway. Our DIA service has guaranteed uptime and minimums, and it is sold at a rated speed. Although it generally costs more than the best-effort internet, your business will have reliable speed, quality, and access at all times.

Guaranteed reliability

The main advantage of having a DIA with HFN is the added reliability you are guaranteed from the very beginning. For many businesses, being left without the internet for long periods could be disastrous. This is why our Direct Internet Access solution comes with a Service Level Agreement, meaning if something goes wrong with your internet access, it’ll be fixed and up and running much sooner.

Strong performance

Because you’ll have your own reserved dedicated line, there will be no contention from outside sources and you’ll have sole access to the bandwidth. This means you will get 100% performance all of the time. If you make phone calls over your connection, do video conferencing in HD, or download and send large files, DIA is for you.

Customizable and scalable

Depending on your individual business requirements, bandwidth speed can be fully customized and scaled so that you only pay for what you’ll need. You’ll also get steady speed both ways, making your operations much more productive.

Designed specifically to grow with your business, HFN’s DIA delivers incredible performance and robust internet access.


Having a secure internet connection is a priority for many businesses, and your network will be much safer with a DIA because it is used by you alone. The line runs directly between you and our data center, so there is no interference. These measures make it easier to implement authentication protocols and security applications.

Hudson Fiber Network

With over 25 years of combined experience, HFN is a premier provider of networking solutions for carrier, financial, content and enterprise customers. For more information on our dedicated networks and dedicated IP access solutions, contact us today.

Direct Internet Access

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