PARAMUS, NJ (June 18, 2013) – Hudson Fiber Network (HFN), the leading U.S.-based transport and IP services provider specializing in delivering network solutions to the financial community, today announced it is one of the first providers to deploy software-defined networking (SDN) on major routes supporting the financial industry.

Leveraging Vello Systems’ cutting-edge solution architecture, HFN has customized its large-scale SDN implementation to serve the needs of financial clients across New York and Chicago metro area PoPs. With an SDN-enabled network, HFN has maximum flexibility to turn up new services on demand, while lowering latency, network component costs and its overall footprint.

“SDN is in its early stages, but is set to have far-reaching impacts for first adopters,” said Keith Muller, CEO of HFN. “SDN is redefining the speed and agility with which network demands can be addressed. We are seeing a huge spike in demand from financial clients eager to realize the cost and operational benefits of this technology.”

Keith Muller is attending SIFMA and is available to discuss how SDN is impacting the financial industry. For more information on how SDN can help you achieve your business goals, please contact Brett Diamond at

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