Expand your business with our Internet IP Services.

Leverage our relationships with carriers and our industry-leading SLAs to provide the premium quality internet access and connectivity your business demands.


Take advantage of a single Ethernet network with multiple carrier endpoints. Our Network Design Team leverages our ILEC and carrier relationships, to create a seamless high bandwidth cloud topology private network.


We offer traditional interstate private lines with DS-level, OC-level, Ethernet and fiber hand offs.


HFN has one of the most robust and reliable MPLS offerings in the industry, with an intelligent network that adjusts moment by moment to meet the demands of changing application priorities. Our ability to seamlessly offer Ethernet, as well as managed and unmanaged networks, sets us apart from the competition.


  • Facility builds
  • Multi-carrier management
  • Circuit monitoring and management
  • Unsurpassed SLAs
  • Cloud topology with multiple carriers
  • Low-latency
  • Layer 2 & 3 available
  • Single point of contact
  • 24x7x365 network operations center
  • Custom-built network


Understanding and Selecting the Right Network for Your Business

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Private Networks / MPLS

Drive your company expansion with more bandwidth from your internet access and greater reliability?

HFN can help. Our Private Networks/MPLS offering encompasses a range of solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The HFN Solution Team will work with you to determine how to best improve the performance of your Internet access and applications through a unique blend of ISPs. Our bandwidth speeds range from T1 through OC-level, as well as Gig-plus speeds.

Fiber Connect

Custom-built IP solutions
Have you ever been told that Ethernet is not available in your building? HFN’s Private Networks/MPLS application brings high bandwidth Ethernet services directly to a customer’s premises. Our Network Design Team can provide an overview on pricing, timelines and facilities required to complete infrastructure build. With speeds ranging from 10MB through 10 Gig, our Private Networks/MPLS service enables your peace of mind that you have the fastest, most reliable connectivity offered today.

Ethernet over Copper

Ethernet over Copper
Leverage business-grade dedicated Internet access at fiber-like speeds ranging from 3 Mbps to 45 Mbps, on-site, without sacrificing service performance or quality. Multiple groomed digital copper circuits create a fiber-quality carrier-grade link which is delivered via an Ethernet hand off at your location. Our EoC product has inherent survivability within the technology used to deliver the service.


Blended ISP Solutions
Take advantage of the inherent availability, scalability and redundancy. Our blended mix of major Tier-1 ISPs allows our customers to seamlessly connect to suppliers, employees and business partners. This multi-carrier approach reduces customers’ network management costs, creates a single point of contact for customer support, and increases operational continuity for applications.

Hudson Fiber Network

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