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Low latency Networks are a very big topic on Wall Street. Known best as a topic within capital markets, it relates to the time taken by a firm to react to market events compared to their competition. With the most current estimates of the effect of latency showing that every millisecond lost can cause $200 million per year in missed possibilities, it’s unsurprisingly a significant percentage of trading for large financial institutions.

Therefore, our low latency network solution provides unrivaled high-performance connectivity for any enterprise or high-frequency trading firm looking to achieve optimal application and business performance for a competitive advantage.

Understanding low latency networks

Our low latency network is a purpose designed solution where hardware, protocols, and systems are created to minimize the time taken to move data units between any two points on a network. For high-frequency trading algorithm firms, executing trade successfully before the competition is vital. After all, just a fraction of a second gives you the edge that can mean the difference between losing and winning. Low latency networks, like ours, deliver the performance, speed and diversity required by the financial market to achieve this.

Diverse applications

Although low latency networks were initially designed and optimized for financial services, latency is now a critical performance requirement in any environment where microseconds matter. Our low latency network solutions can therefore be tailored to meet the demands of:

  • High-performance computing (HPC) applications
  • High-speed data feed delivery applications
  • IT departments at security firms
  • Mission-critical application environments

Our solutions

To be successful, these environments need a highly reliable service. HFN’s low latency network solution consumes minimal power footprint and space at the data center. We also provide high-performance Ethernet speeds and scalable fiber capacity.

By leveraging our current portfolio, we’ll also:

  • Deploy dark fiber connections
  • Provide short fiber distance routes
  • Guarantee Ethernet or fiber hand off at each site
  • Connect you to metropolitan exchanges in the U.S. and major financial hubs internationally, including Singapore, Toronto, London, Sao Paolo and Hong Kong.

Upgrading to our low latency network will be a strategic asset that delivers secure hypersensitive information and critical revenue-driving solutions. It will also enable you to manage regulatory compliance and protect your reputation. Reducing latency is the business edge many high-frequency trading/algorithm companies and security firms need to compete.

X-change Connect

Whether you are a small hedge fund, or a large global financial institution, you know that in your lightening-paced industry, even the smallest delay in data can mean a critical, missed opportunity.

X-change Connect is one of the best performance ultra low latency solutions and is designed to leverage HFN’s transport and IP portfolio. We have deployed dark fiber connections from the New York Metro area to major regional financial exchanges, as well as international financial hubs, to ensure the lowest latency transmission available today. Performance makes every nanosecond counts.

Product Features

  • Connectivity to major metropolitan exchanges in the U.S.
  • Connectivity to major financial hubs internationally including Toronto, London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sao Paolo
  • Dedicated connections from your colocation facility to all the major local and international financial hubs
  • Ethernet hand off at each site
  • Lowest latency, shortest fiber distance routes
  • 100 MB through 100 Gig Waves or dedicated dark fiber

Hudson Fiber Network

With over 25 years of experience, HFN is a leading provider of networking solutions for financial, security and enterprise customers. For more information on our low latency, ultra-fast networks, get in touch with us today.

Low Latency Networks

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