Understanding and Selecting the Right Network for Your Business

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In the 21st century, we’re so used to being connected in an instant. But when it comes to an IT network, many businesses forget that a traditional one-size-fits-all approach isn’t always ideal. At best it may not adapt to your needs and at worst can compromise the security of your company. At Hudson Fiber Networks, we believe in doing things a bit differently.

What is a purpose built network?

HFN’s purpose built solutions are fast becoming popular with savvy business owners who see the importance of a robust network that meets their specific needs. This could be to boost your internet connectivity and speeds, enabling you to easily and securely share and store information, and seamlessly accomplish your day to day tasks.

Do you need a purpose built network?

A purpose built network is ideal for a company that faces challenges with connectivity, sensitive information, and wants a specific network tailored to their needs. At HFN, our custom networks can provide solutions to all of these problems, and they are also scalable and designed to grow with your business.

Here are just some of the ways a purpose built network could benefit you:

Optimize your efficiency

Purpose built networks mean you can customize how your network operates. This is the ideal way to rid your data network of those clunky features/overhead that you’ll never use and which can slow down operating time. Instead, you can streamline your network’s response time and free up bandwidth and storage space, improving your efficiency and productivity.

Get the connectivity you need

Perhaps your location doesn’t support Ethernet connectivity, or maybe you want to boost your internet speeds? A purpose built IT connection could be the solution you need to allow you to operate where and when you need without costly disruption and downtime. At HFN, we provide custom-built fiber, Ethernet over copper, wireless and blended ISP solutions to get you connected.

Protect your internal communications

If you are a company that handles confidential information or you are at the cutting edge of an industry, you can’t afford a weak link in the chain. At HFN, we help clients from healthcare and educational organizations to financial and media companies keep their communications within their company walls.

Keep your network secure

As we become dependent on internet connectivity, hackers are developing ever more complex ways to hijack networks. Your data is one of the most important assets you have, so it is vital that it stays secure. A purpose built Layer 2 connection gives hackers less opportunity to access your network, limiting the threat of viruses, ransomware and malware that can cause catastrophe to your operation and reputation.

How we can help

At Hudson Fiber Network, we create purpose built networks to help ensure your business can adapt and grow to suit your needs. To find out more about how you can benefit from our bespoke private networks and dedicated internet connections, speak to our network design team today.

Purpose Built Networks

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